Day 1 – Morning

After getting some much needed sleep after being up for 24 hours, we decided to go out for a morning walk in Nishitokyo. But before doing that, we went to the local FamilyMart to get some snacks.

We went to the park next to Meihou Middle School. It was pretty interesting because you can see the hand drawn signs everywhere. Upon closer inspection, they were all anti-littering and recycling awareness signs the kids have made. In fact, these things were everywhere.

As we sat down, I noticed I stepped in something crunchy. It was a plastic wrapper; I guess the Meihou kids didn’t make enough sign. We proceeded to eat our morning snacks, taking great care not to stare at the dude doing laps around the track. As expected, it was pretty good. Especially the 100 yen onigiri.

  • Sakura at the park
  • Hoya station
  • Shibuya
  • JR Pass
    • Jay forgot his passport
  • Yakiniu
  • Eaglys office
  • Mark Town Mall
    • Jay bought some Nikuman and Mochi
    • He was really determined to get some Mochi
  • Dinner at DECOBOCO

Our first restaurant in Japan was Denny’s

My good pal Nori was gracious enough to pick us up from Narita and deal with our tired ramblings for the two hour drive (We have been up for 24 hours at this point, Jay could not stop singing “Tamago, that’s where I want to go”).

He asked if we were hungry and we said yes. Jay wanted curry. So, we went to Denny’s.

Our first dining experience in Japan was Denny’s and if that isn’t the life then I don’t know what is.

Day 0 – “Your Journey can(not) be accepted”

Jay and I are at LAX right now, getting ready for our Japan trip. Being the responsible people that we are, we wanted to be at the airport a few hours before our flight. We get to the check-in terminal and we couldn’t get our boarding passes.

None of the journey retrieved are available

I guess 7 hours is too much lead time for a 1PM flight.

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